Thorens TD-124

Thorens TD-124

Don’t let the looks deceive you……Do not be fooled!

With turntable sales figures still on the rise “the easy buck” is becoming a bit of a problem. For buyers as well as us, a trusted TD-124 revision company. Many TD-124’s for sale come from guys who actually love the easy buck more than the turntable (that’s probably why they sell it).

But when it comes to ‘hard core’ technical knowledge these guys fail. The materials from which the TD-124 is made are so good that a lot of sellers are tempted to think that thorough cleaning and a drop of oil does the trick.

And of course they are right. That actually does the trick…….for a very short time. If you buy a TD-124 that looks absolutely gorgeous, but which has not received proper technical care, your turntable will be good for spare parts only. You ruin the motor, you ruin the TD-124

The “peak” you see on the first picture shows the motor shaft vibrating at 100 Hz. This is typical behaviour of an E-50 motor which “runs fine” according to the guy who is trying to sell. In fact these vibrations will increase rapidly over time when you start using your TD-124 “as is” without changing the sinter bearings. The wear of the bearings and the motor shaft will eventually cause your motor to stop running altogether. On the second picture you can barely find the 100 Hz. This is exemplary for an E-50 motor which was overhauled by Hanze Hifi. An induction motor of sixty-plus years is crying out for much more than just a drop of oil. The so called “self lubricating” sinter bearings MUST BE REPLACED. In the course of time these bearings have dried out and a drop of oil can and will not change that. Furthermore it is very likely that the worn bearings have left their mark on the motor shaft and this wear needs to be polished. When we restore an E-50 motor the sinter bearings, the oil felt pads and the thrust plate and ball are replaced. A conversion from MK I to MK II motor suspension is optional. A MK II suspension provides the possibility of using our Hanze Hifi spring modification. 

When the motor receives a complete overhaul it is paramount that the rotor is perfectly centered. Only a vibration measurement (see above) can provide exclusive evidence that the job is carried out properly. After revision the motor temperature should be approximately 45 degrees Celsius and the pulley should be spinning at an average speed of 1450 rpm.

Only then will the platter of your TD-124 reach its required speed within one single rotation of the platter. An E-50 overhaul takes takes skill, time and patience.

We provide all three. When done properly a revised E-50 motor will spin for 20-30 seconds before coming to a halt. An old E-50 will probably stop after about 5