Decoupling the E50

Thorens TD-124

Decoupling the E50 motor of the Thorens TD124

Ever since the appearance of the TD-124, people have been engaged in endeavours to “silence” the motor. The first serious attempt was by Thorens own engineers by means of the double suspensionrubbers.

Recently the members of the Audio Team (H.A.T) developed a spring modification for any TD-124, which offers a dramatic improvement over any decoupling solution so far.

Apart from taking the motor out of the turntable altogether which, of course, is turning system integrity upside down .

Below you see pictures and measurements of four different versions of motor decoupling.

Thorens TD-124 MKI motor suspension with single suspension rubbers Motor vibration 100 Hz at -57 dB

Thorens TD-124 MKII with double suspension rubbers Motor vibration 100Hz at -63 dB An improvement of 6 dB over the MKI version

Thorens TD-124 with silicon gel pad suspension Motor vibrations 100 Hz at -67dB An improvement of 4 dB over the MK II version

Thorens TD-124 with spring decoupling