Thorens verensprings mki mkii conversionOur latest addition to the TD-124 mod's is a set of motor decoupling springs. In this article you can find some results/measurments from experiments carried out  by Jaap, our technician. Below you can read some of the first reactions by end users:

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".......well, in my opinion this a major breakthrough!  The motor hum which was always faintly audible in my set up has been reduced to almost zero. In a musical sense this results in a much more natural mid range. Voices flow to you more naturally a veil has geen lifted.......
Hans Meerhuis, Zwolle"


 "Well, what did you expect? Of course I couldn't wait! I finished "the job" within 15 minutes! The difference was so immense that I thought I'd better leave it for a little while. I thought this couldn't just be the result of just springs. As I did not want to jump to conclusions I left my TD-124 spinning for the next 24 hours and then decided to give it a serious shot and I reserved the entire evening. I took notes per record.

I started of with Ryan Adams. The first thing I noticed was the ease with which everything in the sound stage could be detected. Foucussing was much better. Everything sounded more open and somehow just seemed more "in flow".Then Liz Wright. More space, the voice and the instruments stood in better proportion. Mchael Kiwanuka: better definition, focussing, staging. Cassandra Wilson to finish things off: An increase in space round the indidvidual instruments. Better resolution.

Even records that initially sounded (not) bad now have become "quite nice". This is a difference I had never imagined. No need to go back to the old situation. I would however recommend not to start listening immeditately as the spring definitely need a little "settling in". The first impression immediately after putting in the springs was overwhelming beit that the highs tended a little towards over present. After 24 hours this had disappeared............"        
Rob, Nijmegen


"Dear Jaap,

I have restored the motor (124 mkII) some months ago (new motor bushings and lubrication ) and 3 weeks ago I lubricated it again. What I could still hear was a rather "deep" noise comming from the motor. After installing the springs yesterday I here less noise now from the motor with respect to such low frequencies. There was and is nearly no other noise (higher frequencies) which is caused by the motor. In this respect (noise from the motor) I am satisfied and I can can say that I use your springs successfully!"

Best wishes,      
Gert, Austria


"I have just a couple of days ago mounted the motor of my TD124 in springs from Hanze HiFi in the Netherlands.......I am totally bowled over by the reduction of motor noise: the reduction compared to my (new) Schopper rubber mounts is immediately noticeable. The best €40 I have spent on the table so far.

DISCLAIMER: i honestly have no connection to the shop! But I am impressed with the springs."     

"Funny how a low tech spring seems to beat high tech polymeric bushings....."

a DIY Audio Member



hatte mir Ende letzten Jahres aus Neugierde bei Hanze Hifi 3 Federn für die Motorentkopplung bestellt. Die konischen Druckfedern sind aus 1mm Stahldraht gefertigt und gut abgestimmt: Der E50 Motor federt leicht nach, bleibt aber dennoch stabil in seiner Postion. Nach dem Einbau konnte ich mit dem Stethoskop keine wirkliche Verbesserung gegenüber der originalen Gummiaufhängung ausmachen. Sind die Gummis weich, ist die Entkoppelung ja auch schon nahezu perfekt und man muss schon angestrengt hinhören, um überhaupt Restvibrationen zu vernehmen. Hatte mir nun also auch klanglich keine Verbesserung erhofft, aber tatsächlich klingt es mit den Federn besser. Mehr Ruhe, mehr Transparenz und eine bessere Bühnendarstellung. Bin angenehm überrascht und kann die Federn nur empfehlen. Andere haben wohl auch positive Erfahrung gemacht und Hanze hat entsprechend reagiert und den Preis bereits leicht angehoben. Mein TD-124 II ist sorgfältig überholt (Motor gereinigt und präzise justiert, Riemenlänge 17,4mm (gefaltet)) und bis auf die Federn ohne Modifikationen.
Ralf, Deutschland

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